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Modern practice

The holistic view is the main focus of our action

"And on the teeth hangs man"

Helge R. Runte 

We give warranty on perfect treatment. For this reason, all work is carried out in practice by our own, qualified team. For anxiety and pain patients as well as elaborate surgical procedures, we provide a supply under general anesthesia.

Painless laser treatment, state-of-the-art 3-D x-rays and high-quality ceramic implants are standard in our practice. We offer a 24-hour emergency service to our parents.

Technically innovative

3-D X-ray technology, laser treatment and own all-ceramic implants
  • Dental medicine continues to develop rapidly. Not only the technology makes enormous progress. We take on this challenge - with state-of-the-art equipment and international training.

If you stop learning, you stop to be the best doctor for your patients. We have this claim and are therefore continually developing on an international level, since the dentistry and diagnostics are making enormous progress. We are taking this progress with you - to be able to advise and treat you as well as possible. You can trust that your doctors have mastered his craft.

Latest technology supports the doctor in a modern practice. We have therefore decided to exchange the practice technology in the shortest cycles with the latest equipment and treatment chairs. 3-D x-ray, laser technology, surgical microscopes or a full ceramic laboratory are "made in 2017" - modern and better it is hardly possible - state of the art.

Your doctors & your team

Two dentists with different additional qualification. Four dental assistants, a hygienist and the office management - together we are your team in the dentist's office Drs. Hirte.

Practice areas

Detox & Relax

Amalgam and heavy metal refurbishment
Bioresonance and Biological dentistry

We value holistic dentistry - a combination of the most modern school-based medical procedures and alternative medical practice. Sick teeth or periodontal disease can be the cause of general medical disorders. Likewise, your body can react to dental materials. In homeopathy circles it is said that 70-80% of all chronic physical ailments are to be found in the oral cavity and in the jaw. Complementary medical methods in our practice are homeopathy, phytotherapy, bioenergetic procedures such as bioresonance, kinesiology and acupuncture.

Pediatric Dentistry

A consultation for the youngest
Child information days and parent training

Children are given special attention, care and patience. They are not small adults who can be treated in the same way - their treatment methods differ. Be it through your own children's play hours - if the practice is only reserved for kids - or with our own explanatory films and children's comics. With a child-friendly language, if the earthworm and the water snorkel or the red flashlight and the jammed tea are used after the water shower and the crabbabe. Problems with the teeth in old age almost always have a cause in childhood - we want to prevent that.


Age dentistry and aesthetics
Ceramic implants and laser technology

Antiaging is far more than a fashion concept. In our practice, anti-aging means not only aesthetics in perfection, but also provision for physical and mental resilience to an old age. Scientific studies today show that a variety of age problems are caused by mouth and jaw problems.
We therefore support our patients in the rehabilitation of all teeth and jaw herds. A comprehensive consultation and support also includes material tests, a possible heavy metal diet or a targeted dietary advice for a better quality of life.

Aesthetic dentures

State-of-the-art surgical technique and
Innovative 3-D X-ray analysis

Aesthetic dentures with perfect function presupposes an accurate diagnosis of all teeth and the temporomandibular joint. This also includes the clarification of so-called material tolerances. A perfect red-and-white aesthetic enhances physical and mental well-being. Casual laughter strengthens self-esteem and gives charisma. Metal-free restorations are gaining in importance due to frequent patient complaints in other materials. Ceramic implants have also been tried and tested for more than 10 years by solid scientific studies.


Chronic and partial
ggressive national disease 

Whereas in the past the dental caries, which the patients made, so today are national diseases such as periodontitis, crunching and pressing. Triggers are often endogenous and exogenous stress factors or an over-acidification of the organism. Improper nutrition and food intolerances cause many ailments, which are almost always reflected in the oral cavity. Together with you, we develop an individual and complex treatment strategy. This also includes laboratory tests and a personal medication or homeopathic support.

Anxiety & pain patients

Anesthesia treatment, state-of-the-art surgical technique
Innovative 3-D X-ray analysis 

Why is the thought of the dentist actually still causing anxiety and stress in many cases? It does not have to be so. We care especially about the so-called anxiety or pain patients. For example, we offer a general anesthetic treatment - both for adults and for children. Should extensive surgical procedures be necessary, these can be achieved in narcosis in a shorter and gentle treatment time and with an optimal result. Please contact us for individual advice on the best treatment.

Maxillofacial surgery

Only a few dental practices offer a full supply. Optimal, sterile conditions are used to perform orthodontic surgery. Numerous certifications in implantology and periodontics enable a complete supply in your practice. Thanks to state-of-the-art medical procedures and ongoing training of your doctors, we guarantee you a high standard in dental diagnostics and therapy. These include 3D x-ray, Zeiss surgical microscope to 22x magnification, laser, ozone, ultrasound surgery, digital scanning and finishing of crowns in their own laboratory.

to be
your team

Office hours

Monday8:00 - 12:3014:00 - 16:00
Tuesday9:00 - 13:0015:00 - 19:00
Wendsday8:00 - 13:00special children consultation
Thursday9:00 - 13:3014:30 - 19:00
Fridy8:00 - 12:0013:00 - 17:00
Saturday9:00 - 14:002 x monthly
Emergancy and other appointments on request

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Dr. med. gradu. stom.  Liane Hirte


Advanced Implantologist / Endodontics / Root Treatment
Certification of University of Pennsylvania
Bioresonance Therapy / Holistic Dentistry 


1981 - 1986 studied dentistry at the Humboldt University, Berlin
1986 Approbation as a dentist awarded the academic degree
1986 Diplom-Stomatologist with the title very good
1986 - 1990 Education as Specialist for General Stomatology
Hospitations: 6 months of facial surgery at the Charité Berlin 6 months anesthesiology and ENT in the district hospital Schwedt
1990 Dissertation and award of the academic degree Dr. med. with the title "Magna cum laude"
Since 1991 settled in her own practice in Munich, since 2007 with a practice in Bressanone 

Dr.  Juliane Hirte


Mastercourse Cerec, tooth aesthetics
Specialization in 3-D X-ray analysis 


2000 - 2007 TV journalist and trained editor (Pro7Sat1 Media AG)
2007 - 2014 Study of dentistry at the Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich
2015 Approbation as a dentist, Award of the academic degree, subsequent further education in the field of pediatric dentistry
2016 Doctoral thesis on "Endogenous sinusitis"

Since 2016 dentist for the practice Dr. Liane Hirte in Brixen / Italy and Munich / Germany  

Recall service &
ask questions

Long-term follow-up of dental therapy is guaranteed by regular checks and professional tooth cleaning. We support you with our recall service. Please fill in the form. Do you have special questions?

Would you like to make an appointment? Do you need advice or an assessment? Please contact us - we will be happy to advise you or make an immediate appointment. 

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